Custom Fabrication

We can design, create, and repair anything you can imagine from a simple repair of a household or industrial items to the more complex fabrication of metal framework on a bridge. We assess every situation and offer the best recommendation for repair or replacement based on our extensive knowledge in industry solutions and quality assurance.

Get to know American Welding

We are a welding company based out of West Chicago IL, proudly servicing the DuPage County area. At American Welding we pride ourselves on the high level of knowledge garnered from 35 years of industry experience in Dupage County.

Ornamental Design

Armed with over 35 years of experience in quality and customer satisfaction, we can help to add personal touches to any business or home by creating custom fences, trellises, and railings. Our unique designs can be customized for any space or style. We can create anything you can imagine to add your personal touch to a space.

General Repair

We specialize in equipment repair for warehouses, residential, and restaurants. Our projects can be completed in shop, or on site. Our projects can include Heavy Equipment, Racking and Shelving Repair, Dock Ramps and Bumpers, Roof Ladders, Parking Lot Gates, Ballards, Dumpster Corral Repair, Steel Racks and more!

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